Robinson Sew & Vac has multiple factory certified technicians to take care of your service needs.  

Our promise to you is that we will never ship your machine any where. Our repairs are done in-house by a fully trained technician.

What does that mean to you? Quicker turn-around times and less chance of transit-damaged machines.

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1.  Always bring your power cord and foot control.  Many times a machine that is malfunctioning may have a problem in either of these so it is important that we have both in order to properly diagnose and repair the machine.

2.  Bring your general purpose presser foot.  Not sure which one that is?  Here's a picture!

3.  Bring any related embroidery unit that you want us to service, as well as one hoop that we can use to stitch off your machine.  We carry several brands, but may not have extra accessories available.





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What should I bring to the Sew & Vac with my machine that needs repaired?

1.  Always leave extra accessories at home unless you are having a specific problem with one.  For example, if your buttonhole is not stitching correctly, we need your button hole foot.

2.  We do not need your instruction book, and it may get dirty on our repair bench.  Always best to leave that at home!

3.  Soft covers, such as home made or plastic/vinyl covers.  These may also get dirty.  

What should I leave at home?