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juki qvp​

Juki adds a new dimension to the Robinson Sew and Vac line with its straight-forward approach to home sewing.  From high speed straight stitch sewing and quilting machines to sergers that thread themselves, Juki is the brains behind the brawn.  JUKI's quilting machines are built with industrial sewing machine technology allowing you to boost your creativity and lift your artistry to greater heights. Gear driven instead of belt driven, they are tougher than some of the competitors.  Miyabi has built in stitch regulation for free motion quilting both on the frame as well as sitting down.  Haruka has a floating capability to handle thick seams with ease.  All we can say is, WOW.  

Juki has made machines for the home industry for a long time. We are glad to see the Juki name on products that make our customers' lives so much easier. The Sayaka, Haruka, and Miyabi are all personal favorites of ours, and we know you will love them just as much as we do!

Sayaka DX-3000QVP

Miyabi J-350QVP

Miyabi J-350QVP S

Haruka TL-18QVP

Kokochi DX-4000QVP





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